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About Us

Japanese Auto Locators offer a specialist finding service and offer for sale High specification Japanese direct vehicles. Many people now are purchasing direct vehicles due to the:

Higher specifications, many direct vehicles carry climate control, electric windows, ABS, electric mirrors , electric sunroofs as standard.

Condition, many direct vehicles are in far better condition than their uk counterparts, some even 11 years old have been unmarked. Additionally the Japanese have great respect for items they own, we find vehicles are treated with respect and care. Often first owner from import can be an advantage for resale.

Mileage, direct vehicles are often far lower mileages than UK counterparts, some 11-12 years old have genuine 25,000 miles, but they tend to vary between 40-75,000 miles.

Performance, often the engines are uprated or vehicles have economical Diesel engines fitted.


Services We Offer

Stock For Sale
We usually hold a constant stock and have new vehicles most weeks. We are always happy to describe what is on the way.

Track and Find Service
Track and find service abroad or in the UK can be offered. Working with agents in Japan and many specialist buying services in the UK we can locate a vehicle quickly and smoothly.

List Service
Should you be looking for a vehicle, we can list your number and as soon as one becomes available we will call, email, or text you.

we come into our own on this as we work with specialist breakers and importers, often we have located and shipped parts same day at a lower cost than main dealers. Direct car parts now are very much cheaper than a few years ago and now very common in many cases. Indeed Japanese direct cars are now so popular that there are hundreds of companies importing brand new parts directly for them.



mazda bongo

Why Buy a Bongo?
Bongos are just FUN
They’re not only a fabulous vehicle, they’re a way of life. As well as getting you to work they’re an escape vehicle. Bongos give you control, after all have you ever tried to book a B and B when the Sun’s shining?

Reliability: they’re Japanese.

Re-sale Value: campers hold very well indeed if looked after. Do the research yourself, but we have seen many campers change hands for more than the customers bought from us, but all depends on the years and availability of “top level” stock.  Which ever way, we think you will agree they do not depreciate like a car.

Love and appreciation: People just love their Bongos, the community is huge, enormous support, parts are cheap and plentiful in general, the knowledge is great, and they’re far far cheaper than the equivalent mini camper.

Main Car: Over the last few years we have seen a major shift, from the Bongo being a 2nd or even 3rd car to the main car. V6 rules the roost here with twin fuel both petrol and LPG. When you can run a large vehicle with super smooth performance and 20-25mpg at the much cheaper cost of LPG, this makes many family cars look outdated and you can have “holidays in a Bongo”. Many people now use them as mobile offices or even health and lifestyle platforms.

Great to Drive: Although they look a large vehicle, in reality they’re not, as the wheel footprint is the same as many family cars, but because they’re tall and square their volume is large inside. As far as Europe is concerned the diesel and the V6 simply make them a pleasure, whereas the 2.0l is nippy and light in towns and general runs. Many people use them for Europe cruising as they can cruise well above the UK speed limit with ease.
Also customers love them for Europe as they can fit up and down the narrow coastal lanes or up in the mountains and not cause chaos like a larger camper. This of course also applies to Cornwall, Devon, Scotland, Lake District etc. It’s quite amazing where you actually find a Bongo, they’re like goats that suddenly appear on a mountain top.

Support: This is what they're all about, they just need to be bought at top level, and fresh import again rules the roost. Rust free and pristine then they can be looked after and cared for fresh from the start. When you purchase from a top level importer rather than a smaller establishment you can be assured of the condition you purchase. Sadly there are many dealers that buy a rusty one or a “repair grade” and then make them look good and sell fast. When you buy one of these fabulous vehicles your dealer should be able to show you:

  • How it looked in Japan ie pristine and genuine with lots of close up photos in Japan, not UK
  • The genuine Japan Grading marks, please call us and we can explain this
  • Mileage pass certificate
  • Parts support
  • Own dealer backed warranties are important, we have no faith in 3rd party paper ones
  • Extensive prep, we run a 55 point check which is pretty exhaustive

The above points hopefully eliminate the opportunists, and short term dealers.
The top few dealers in the UK are here for the long haul and support and help the Bongo communities. There are not many of us, but there are an awful lot of people selling these lovely cars, up and gone in weeks or months, a cheap Bongo is exactly that.