Please note:

ALL our top level imports are offered with an “authenticated Japan Grading”, our advice is never buy without one. 

Nissan NV200


NV200-The Micro Camper with large aspirations

This mighty little Camper packs a huge punch with a full Camper installed and a HUGE bed approx 45 inches bed gap at the rear, almost as large as the renowned Nissan Elgrand, in fact this bed is larger than  many far larger campers. Packed with the latest Smart intelligent charging systems and the option of a swivel seat, and even a DELUXE Fridge and Freezer it really is a home from home. Ideal for City use as incognito and ULEZ and CAZ compliant.

Nissan NV200


doggy transport

The COOLEST Dog transport in town, we built this mm tight super trendy Nv-200 for a Dog Walker customer of ours , with mm precision, and a HUGE amount of storage in the Camper itself and UNDER the PULL OUT bed.

Floor space can be utilised for Cages with high load floor connection points

Its so novel and we are quite in love with it and we do expect many “tails” to be forthcoming,

Nissan NV200

In this section all prices Include:

  • BIMTA Mileage Certificate for your reassurance and for your re-sale value
  • 12 Months Mot
  • Assured hand picked and selected import, we do not buy Uk, as we are one of the largest “pure importers” in the country
  • Full “no quibble” warranty, when we sell the car nothing is excluded in warranty period, we offer our own warranty not 3rd party paper systems
  • Extensive support after warranty, ie reduced labour rates and parts pricing
  • Extensive parts support tracking system, either used or new
  • Valet
  • Service

Delivery can be arranged for a small fee

Granvia Sky Lift Roof

Why Vohringer ?

The woods used in your camper conversion are very important and Vohringer is the benchmark of high standards and indeed the industry base mark.

We see many converters start with Vohringer then move to cheaper woods that look the same in an effort to save money.

Vohringer is super light weight and very strong but most of all it has a very strong water resistance, unlike cheaper boards that soak up water.

More importantly Vohringer will stand the test of time and not delaminate quickly like some.

In 2016 we bought back for resale a conversion we completed 10 years ago and the wood was in the same beautiful condition we supplied. Cheaper boards we have seen with our competitors flake in 2-3 years.

We have now expanded the range we do and have included 16 Vohringer colours as well as our enormous choice of floors and upholstery.

If you have conversion completed elsewhere please ask the conversion company to state in writing they are indeed installing genuine Vohringer woods.

Thank You