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Including Electric-Hybrid campers

Currently Available Stock Examples (click title or image for details):

Alphard 690

Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2008-Only 45,000 miles, £25999 inc Roof and ConversionHYBRID

Alphard 440Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2004-Only 39,000 milesHYBRID

alphard 526Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2008-Only 20,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £18499-ULTRA RARE YEAR AND MILEAGEHYBRID

alphard 110Toyota Alphard Year 2004-Only 53,000 Miles-stock a110-rare colour

Alphard 439Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2007-Only 59,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, stock -a-439-£14999 HYBRID

Alphard 434Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2003-Only 26,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £15499HYBRID

alphard 432Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2006-Only 68,000 miles, ideal MPV-£9999 on water reserve priceHYBRID

Alphard 438Toyota Alphard Year 2007-Only 21,000 Miles-stock a-438

Alphard 436Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2007-Only 33,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, stock -a-436 HYBRID

Alphard 420Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2006-Only 40,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £14499 HYBRID

Alphard 411Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2005-Only 56,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £12999-stock-a411 HYBRID

alphard 406Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2004-Only 38,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £12999 HYBRID

Alphard 366Toyota Alphard Year 2006-Only 18,000 Miles-stock a-366

Alphard 400Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2006-Only 33,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base HYBRID

alphard 310Toyota Year 2008-Alphard-Only 41,000 Miles

Alphard hybrid 240Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2005-Only 36,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £11999 HYBRID

Alphard 190Toyota Alphard-Only 22,000 Miles-Year 2004

alphard 130Toyota HYBRID Alphard-Only 39,000 Miles-Year 2004 HYBRID

Alphard a 126Toyota HYBRID Alphard-Only 17,000 Miles-Year 2003 HYBRID

alphard 120Toyota HYBRID Alphard-Only 53,000 Miles-Year 2003 HYBRID

Alphard a 100Toyota Alphard-Only 52,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £8999

alphard 115Toyota Alphard-Only 55,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £9999

Alphard 122Toyota HYBRID Alphard-Only 22,000 Miles-Year 2004 HYBRID

Alphard 44Toyota Alphard-Only 54,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £9999

Alphard 011SOLDToyota HYBRID Alphard-Year 2004, 50k Warranted miles HYBRID

Alphard 42Toyota Alphard-Only 46,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £8999

Alphard 34SOLD Toyota Alphard-Only 42,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £7999

Alphard 32Toyota Alphard-Only 36,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £8999

alphard 30Toyota Alphard-Only 57,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £6999

Alphard 20Toyota Alphard-Only 34,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base

Alphard 02SOLD Toyota Alphard-Only 37,0000 miles, ideal Camper convert base

Alphard 001Toyota Alphard-Year 2002, 58k Warranted miles

Please note:

ALL our top level imports are offered with an “authenticated Japan Grading”, our advice is never buy without one. 

In this section all prices Include:

  • BIMTA Mileage Certificate for your reassurance and for your re-sale value
  • 12 Months Mot
  • Assured hand picked and selected import, we do not buy Uk, as we are one of the largest “pure importers” in the country
  • Full “no quibble” warranty, when we sell the car nothing is excluded in warranty period, we offer our own warranty not 3rd party paper systems
  • Extensive support after warranty, ie reduced labour rates and parts pricing
  • Extensive parts support tracking system, either used or new
  • Valet
  • Service

Delivery can be arranged for a small fee

Tri-Fuel, incredible pence per miles cost!

These fabulous Toyota Alphards Hybrids can now be powered by electric battery power, petrol and LPG.

Around towns and cities, they run on battery, then for medium and long touring LPG takes over at huge savings on fuel, and they can cruise at high speed on LPG. If no LPG available, just pop them back onto petrol and battery power.

The pence per miles cost using all 3 fuel sources can be so low it can be equivalent to almost 70-80 mpg which for a large and powerful camper is an amazing feat. Please note there is no guarantee on these figures but its commonly reported as we always ask owners to inform us.

Toyota Alphard Hybrids are in big demand worldwide now and in little supply for high level and low mileage ones with mileage certificates, so please ask weeks and months ahead to secure one.

alphard frontalphard sidealphard doors openalphard rear

Granvia Sky Lift Roof

Why Vohringer ?

The woods used in your camper conversion are very important and Vohringer is the benchmark of high standards and indeed the industry base mark.

We see many converters start with Vohringer then move to cheaper woods that look the same in an effort to save money.

Vohringer is super light weight and very strong but most of all it has a very strong water resistance, unlike cheaper boards that soak up water.

More importantly Vohringer will stand the test of time and not delaminate quickly like some.

In 2016 we bought back for resale a conversion we completed 10 years ago and the wood was in the same beautiful condition we supplied. Cheaper boards we have seen with our competitors flake in 2-3 years.

We have now expanded the range we do and have included 16 Vohringer colours as well as our enormous choice of floors and upholstery.

If you have conversion completed elsewhere please ask the conversion company to state in writing they are indeed installing genuine Vohringer woods.

Thank You

Toyota Alphard Silver Insulation Screens to fit 2002-2008 models

These are the only screens on the market to be endorsed by JAL IMPORTS the largest importer and builder of Japanese campers in the Uk

This set consists of 8 pieces which fit internally by advanced suckers and help keep the camper cooler in summer and  warmer in winter,

The material is lighter and stronger compared to many on the market, and in doing so requires less suction caps for quicker install

Having a snug fit and being manufactured specifically these screens act as ideal black out screens so enhancing privacy

Alphard screenAlphard screenAlphard screen


NEW-Luxury High Top Maximum storage

Alphard high top

Alphard High Top

NEW-Super LUXURY 42 inch width cushion bed, FAST TRACK option available

Alphard 42 inch bedAlphard 42 inch bed

NEW-42 inch width flat side Alphard Conversion

Alphard 42 inch bed

NEW- 48 inch bed- 3 seats

Alphard 48 inch bed

JAL are now pioneering the SUPER ECO CAMPERS, offering both LPG and Hybrid usage on the same vehicle, with truly astonishing MPG results. Hybrid ticks around towns and cities and the powerful LPG system kicks in for motorway or cruising use. Coupled with 4wd, these beautiful campers can enjoy guilt free trailing through forests, mountains or beautiful scenery.

we now have specialist machinery in our Worcester workshops which can code read these fabulous HYBRIDS and with quick part tracking we can look after our customers nationwide.

We can also offer now a HYBRID battery regeneration service
and trade prices on brand new ones so we can work for the future of our customers and indeed the health of the planet.

Latest NEWS

The roof options now are:

Industry standard roof - This roof is very popular, slim-line and offers a large walkway and sleeping facilities.


JAL own exclusive “side-lifting” elevating roof - This offers far greater head room, walking space and most importantly “air space”.

Toyota Alphard Camper Conversions

Being the leading Japan Importer and Builder in the UK with between 90-190 imports on 2 sites we are backing the Alphard to the full, so the following conversions are now available:

Rear deluxe kitchen (removable or static)

Mid Camper- 7 seats

Standard bed Camper in 4 and 6 seat combinations

Large bed Camper in 4 and 6 seat combinations

And BESPOKE build service to customer design

JAL are now in production with the fabulous HYBRID Toyota Alphard

This is going to be a market winner at the top end as the JAL Alphard will combine the incredible Toyota base unit but with a far larger roof than the competition and a wider range of camper beds and designs.

Base units are now on way so please drop us an email and will send you the stock lists. Thank You.

FAST TRACK conversion SUPER LUXURY format

JAL is proud to announce that we can now arrange this SUPER LUXURY conversion in the largest stock of Alphards in the UK and have the more popular MUSHROOM ROOF installed in weeks.

This conversion is available in:

20 selections of Vohringer woods

48 plus floors

HUNDREDS of upholstery combinations

Simply email us for the latest stock lists as we only put a few on website and you could be on the road in a market leading Full camper in weeks.

alphard fast track alphard fast track intalphard fast track rear

Hybrid vs LPG

There has been a large jump in interest for the fabulous Toyota Alphard HYBRID in 2017 , however the Alphard on LPG can be as good and in many circumstances better. Usage is the main factor, if your Alphard is going to be used primarily as a city or town vehicle, then the HYBRID will win hands down. However motorway usage or roads over 50mph the LPG will gain substantially and especially on long journeys. LPG has no invasion of space as all underneath. LPG is very big news and has been with us for many many years. LPG must be fitted via LPGA fitters, have flash-lube and large tanks. Prices for systems will vary considerably, after years of experience we only fit top level systems as parts and support is valued.